"Painting Bad"
Ink and watercolor on 18” x 24” watercolor paper
Prints available for a short period of time

but I don’t know how

Mick Foley aka Mankind
Ink and watercolor on 9” x 12” watercolor paper

I want to stop re-blogging these

Freddie Mercury
Acrylic on 16” x 20” board


Daniel Bryan, Triple H, Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan posters available now at WWE Shop! A portion of today’s sales will go to Hire Heroes USA.,default,sc.html

well this is some next level shit

Emilia Clarke without make up

Cover art for the Turnover EP without the writing
So I ask the American commentators, please stop announcing that Landon Donovan is the “all-time U.S. leading goal scorer.” He is not. With 57 international goals, he’s not even in the Top Five.

The all-time U.S. leading goal scorer is Abby Wambach, with 167 goals, followed by Mia Hamm (158), Kristine Lilly (130), Michelle Akers (105) and Tiffeny Milbrett (100). In fact, Abby Wambach is the all-time leading goal scorer in the world, among all soccer players, male or female.
World Cup Soccer Stats Erase The Sport’s Most Dominant Players: Women (via cypher2)

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